Thank you for your interest in working at JJSE!

Before you consider any specific job openings, please take some time to learn about the school by reviewing this website, in particular our missiondemographics, program design, and our vision of good teaching as described in the JJSE Pedagogy Project. Once you have familiarized yourself with our approach, if you believe that there might be a good fit between you and JJSE, please contact us to set up a visit to the school so you can learn more. If there is a specific opening for which you believe you are qualified, please send your resume to Rubie Macaraeg (, Jessica Huang (, Nichalous Archibald (

OPENINGS for the 2018-19 School Year:
(as of 7/5/2018)

Full-time Peer Resources Educator Pathway Coordinator: The JJSE Peer Resources Educator Pathway Coordinator will work to implement a career awareness program through the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition. This coordinator will work to train alumni mentors to support current high school students in a scaffolded design for career awareness and leadership development. The Educator Pathway Program coalesces programs that support youth with skill-development and opportunities to be the educator leaders for the community, providing brighter futures for youth and a next- generation impact. Please visit for a more detailed description for this position. 

Peer Resources is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. The JJSE Educator Pathway Coordinator will be an employee of Community Initiatives, under the supervision of the Director of Programs of Peer Resources.

 Full-time Chemistry/Physics Science Teacher Position: JJSE is looking for a science teacher who is excited to teach Physical Sciences, particularly in the area of Chemistry and Physics Honors or Engineering. Our science program is focused on developing culturally-relevant, student-centered scientific exploration experiences that promote critical thinking, scientific literacy and questioning for our students. The perfect candidate will have experience with fusing social justice and science and providing relevant lab-based instruction for a diverse group of students. This position will include three sections of Chemistry and one of another physical science. This is a full-time position that includes teaching an advisory of 12-15 students who you will work with throughout the year, as well as an elective course of the teacher’s choosing. The ideal candidate has experience working with students who are under-represented in the science field and has a desire to provide pathways for our students to become practicing scientists and science policy makers.

*[Filled] Full-time Special Education Teacher: JJSE is hiring for a special education teacher for our students with moderate/severe needs to complete our team of six teachers who work collaboratively to build an inclusive and positive school experience for our 27% of students with IEPs. The ideal candidate has experience working with diverse student needs in a wide range of disabilities that span from moderate to severe as well as working with general education teachers to make sure that all student modifications and accommodations are being served in the general education classroom. We are looking for a candidate who has experience working in an urban school environment serving students and families with a wide range of needs with a culturally-relevant lens.

Half-time Spanish 1 Teacher: JJSE is looking for an experienced Spanish teacher that is passionate about working with non-native Spanish speakers and who holds a strong commitment for integrating Latinx culture, social justice, and an action-based approach to their curriculum. 

*[Filled] Full-time Biology Teacher Position: June Jordan is looking for a science teacher who is excited to teach Biological Sciences. The perfect candidate will have experience with infusing social justice and science and provide relevant instruction for a diverse group of students. This position will includes four sections mixed between Biology and other biological sciences (possibly Marine Biology) and advisory. This position is a temporary one year position with a possibility of a permanent position in the following years. The ideal candidate has experience working with students who are under-represented in the science field.

*[Filled] Assistant Principal for Safety and Discipline:  JJSE is hiring for a new Assistant Principal, to provide overall strategic leadership and help guide JJSE into its next phase of development as a school. The Assistant Principal for Safety and Discipline plays a key leadership role in the school. S/he is in charge of establishing a safe and positive environment, both in classrooms and in public spaces. Our school’s approach to safety and discipline is grounded in restorative practices and framed around four values– RESPECT, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, and HUMILITY. A more detailed description of our approach and policies can be found in the document How to Get R.I.C.H. S/he coaches and supervises teachers and other staff to have effective disciplinary interactions with students, using JJSE’s Warm Demander framework and Classroom Culture Guiding Questions. S/he reports to the Principal and collaborates closely with the rest of the leadership team, including the Director of Pedagogy. For a job description, click here.

*[Filled] Math Teacher: JJSE is looking for a math teacher with experience teaching urban students, a strong vision for inquiry-based, social justice-focused math instruction, and an interest in working collaboratively with the math team to take our math program to the next level. We have a strong math team with a commitment to complex instruction methodologies and an inquiry-based, experiential approach to mathematics that follows the pedagogy of The Algebra Project. This position also includes an advisory of 12-15 students that you will work with as well as an elective course of the teacher’s choosing. This job will include Algebra 2 and other upper division math classes.

Please note: JJSE is a San Francisco Unified School District high school, and candidates must apply via SFUSD to be considered for openings at JJSE. The first step in the process, which can be completed immediately, is to submit an application at the SFUSD Search Soft portal. As indicated above, we also recommend that you contact us to schedule a visit and learn more about the school before applying.

There is a chance that we may have other positions, depending on the budget situation and our staffing configuration. This page will be updated periodically.