Leila Vega, Community Outreach Coordinator

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Leila Vega

Community Outreach Coordinator

How do you exemplify the values of June Jordan School For Equity in your everyday work?

I partner and support students with career development and link youth to a variety of community based organizations and employers to gain hands on work experience throughout their 11th and 12th grade years. I invest and connect with community partners to provide and prepare youth for work based learning, employment and internship opportunities. Establishing and cultivating relationships with community partners, provides the space for service providers to offer valuable community resources, trainings, certifications, industry education, networking possibilities, mentorship, expertise within specific employment sectors and fields, and references. By utilizing the workforce development model, I aim to ensure youth acquire the resources and soft skill employment development to feel confidently equipped to implement transferrable skills to any entry level job. Through engagement with community partnerships, non-profit organizations and job readiness programs, youth can access resources, build their skillset, while participating in community based organizing and focusing on social justice issues.

What organizations are you working with/a part of outside of JJSE?

I have been working directly with many organizations over the years. I regularly attend two collaborative meetings hosted by community based organizations. Since 2014, I have participated in a Frontline Workers (FLW) meeting, hosted by Huckleberry Youth Programs at Cole Street Clinic. The collaborative meeting brings community partners together who work with youth ages 14-24, to share resources, network, learn about community and organizational updates, and provide the space to further connect youth to programs, services and opportunities. Since 2014, I have been attending a monthly convener meeting called B-Magic, which is a collaborative space for providers, employers, and community members who serve youth, families and members of the Bayview district. The meeting is an opportunity to connect with service providers, and programs, learn about community updates, network, and cultivate relationships with community based organizations.

When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to the gym, listening to music, traveling, going to the beach, writing, drawing, cooking, playing guitar, attending concerts and shows, and community organizing.

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