Youth Summit Featured in Sing Tao Daily Newspaper!

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The 3rd Annual Youth Summit was held at the June Jordan School for Equity on February 14th, 2019. The guests included Gordan Mar, Supervisor of District 4 and Asha Safai, Supervisor of District 11. Students, staff, and community organizations from a wide-range of schools in SFUSD participated. Three student speakers expressed their views on different topics, including Georgia Pori’s speech on White Privilege, Ashley Soto’s speech on Overcoming Challenges and Mental Health, and Nia Logan’s speech on Love and Trust. The speeches resulted in huge applauses and responses from the audience. After the speeches, the students were assigned to participate in youth-led workshop on various topics. The Supervisors participated in the workshops with the students and had valuable conversations about what is important in San Francisco.

The event organizers explained that this event aims to build a platform to build alliances between young people of different schools, to build deeper friendships, raise awareness in problem-solving, and create positive future change. Students from Ruth Asawa School of the Arts even performed in the closing ceremony. June Jordan Principal Jessica Huang said that the information that students are exposed to now is very wide-reaching and there are many ways to solve problems. It is normal for students to encounter challenges but she is willing to give students space for them to tackle their challenges. Helping students is not as necessary as creating the space for students to find means and ways to develop their own solutions, which will help them grow up to be healthy and productive adults. (Reporter Liu Yuxi San Francisco report)

Paloma Concordia