The mission and vision of the June Jordan School for Equity College & Career Office for Resources and Empowerment (CORE) is to support all our students in developing critical thinking skills needed for preparation and success in their postsecondary and career goals. This is done through the following interventions and programming:

-       Individualized College and Career counseling for each student

-       Community organizations providing individual/group support including: EAOP UCSF, 7 Tepees, College Map, & AdRoll

-       Dual and concurrent enrollment through the City College of San Francisco and University of San Francisco

-       Work-based learning (resumé coaching, job shadows, college and career tours, internships, summer programs, work placement)

-       9-12th Career Readiness in partnership with DCYF & Peer Resources

-       College readiness curriculum with a focus in application process and financial aid

-       Post-Secondary Planning

-       Academic counseling

-       Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways: Educator/Leadership/Organizing, STEM-Health, and Arts/Entrepreneurship

-       Cross-collaboration through the wellness center staff around retention, truancy, identity, and self-care

In providing an array of experiences and opportunities, we aim to support students in their development as independent thinkers and life-long learners with the self management, advocacy, social, navigational skills and work ethic to engage in college and career spaces after graduation. At the core of our programming, we want to provide an avenue for the young people of San Francisco to visualize their future and have the opportunities necessary to thrive and support their families. 

Through scaffolded academic and socio-emotional support through individual and group counseling sessions, classroom support and push-in, our innovative program works to build preventative and restorative interventions to reduce truancy, and increase student retention, academic progress, socio-emotional well-being, and successful matriculation to post-secondary programs. Students will graduate with concrete 6-year plans that provide students with the skills and competency to meet their personal and academic goals as well as being agents of social change in their communities.