11/5-11/9 Week 12 Blast for Educators

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Week 12 Blast

Last week was an eventful week! Spirit week was a huge success and it was great to see the adults in our community embrace the festivities throughout the week to continue to foster strong relationships with our students and to have some fun with the people we grind with everyday! A huge thanks to everyone who worked extremely hard to make the week a success. A special thanks goes out to Stefan & Erin and the Yow’s for doing a wonderful job of organizing and coordinating the events for the week. Last but not least, our amazing students! Please remember to congratulate our students that supported in organizing & facilitating the events throughout the week.

Our town hall was also a major highlight! Coach Luckett did an amazing job of organizing the cheer squad in delivering a memorable performance. As I understand it, this is the first year we’ve had a cheer squad so their performance was definitely historical. I encourage us all to acknowledge the members of the cheer squad when you see them!

Our second annual Dia De Los Muertos event was an amazing success! Thanks to JJSE La Raza students, Alejandra, René, José, Carlos, Nancy, Nils, and also a surprise appearance by Mr. DavÍd Morales! The evening started with the Call to the 4 Directions ceremony by Xiuhcoatl dancers. Students and staff joined in the last dance together! There was yummy food from a local food truck and a beautiful poetry reading by Sandy Vazquez from YouthSpeaks. Nancy did face painting for the kids and there was music and dancing all night! A great community gathering for all and I highly encourage all to attend next year if you didn’t get to make it this year. Another thanks to all who put the event together and also those that stayed late to clean up!

In addition, I would like to commend everyone for being vulnerable and sharing their souls in the form of poetry in the last couple weeks. I was in awe of the stories and creativity that was on display in that space. It makes me truly proud to be a member of the JJSE community! Only 2 more weeks to the break! In the words of  2Pac “Hold on, be Strong, when it’s on it’s on” (R U Still Down, disc 2, track 3).

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Message from the Safety Team

In an effort to lower the amount of students in the hallways, the safety team has identified students who frequently use the hallway pass (in multiple classes in one day). These students will be on pass restriction for one week (5 days). If they are able to stay out of the hallways and not use the pass (if there is an emergency for one of the students, please text the phone and someone will escort them to where they need to go), their privileges will be restored the next week when they bbuild the self-discipline to monitor their pass usage. The safety team has met with all these students and they have agreed and know about the plan. However, as with any bad habit, they need reminders and boundaries from you, the teacher. I will have slips in your boxes with the names of these students on Monday. Please put it somewhere to remind you if you teach one of these students

  1. First time in the hallway with hall pass - student will be escorted back to class and safety team will remind teacher. (both teacher and student forgot)

  2. Second time in the hallway with hall pass - Call home to parent, notify parent of continued use and issue + lunch service with Monica.

  3. Third time in the hallway with hall pass - Students stays on the pass restriction list for the next week.

These students are on pass restriction for the week of 11/5 - 11/9:

Jacari Butler (12), Ronald Magett (12), David Galvez (12), Sam Phillips (11), Itzel Quintanar (11), Isela Orellana (11), Brionna Howard (10), Sir Norman (10), Mya Webb (10), Jay Sagote (10), Eduwin Umanzar (10)

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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Rubie Macaraeg