10/15-10/19 Week 9 Blast

Much acknowledgement and appreciation for the work you do everyday, it does not go unnoticed! It is stressful and grueling at times but it is extremely important, meaningful and rewarding at the same time. I encourage us all to remember that we are not alone in this work of trying to enrich and improve the lives of our young people through education. In the most stressful times, we must lean on the shoulders of the people we embark on this work with. In a song on Watch the Throne, Jay-Z says, “If you put crabs in a barrel, to ensure your survival you gon’ end up pulling down people that look just like you”. This serves as a reminder to me to be mindful of the energy I direct towards the people within our community during challenging times because sometimes it is easy to blame our comrades when our systems fail us. This leads to division and ultimately diminishes our collective power. Instead, let’s remind ourselves of our common goal and rally amongst each other to continue to give our young people the tools they will need to effectively navigate this world. I hope you all have an amazing week and remember, a well needed break is just around the corner!

Student Led Conferences

Advisors, please ensure you are inputting the conference date and times on the spreadsheet provided. We will use this information to push in to conferences for students with extenuating circumstances so we are counting on your diligence in keeping the spreadsheet up to date.

If you are having a hard time finding a time finding a time for families to attend a meeting, an alternative is to conduct a home visit or have the conference via speakerphone.

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Jessica Huang