9/4-9/7 Week 3 Blast for Educators

Sustaining Consistency through Courage!

Our community has been off to an amazing start over the course of the past 2 weeks. There were countless examples of the wonderful work that takes place daily in our JJSE community. To name a few, I have seen our AALI class flourish as Mr. Marshall & Mr. West have created an environment to encourage our boys to embrace their leadership characteristics. Ms. Walker’s class worked through some hands on math concepts making connections to students’ lives using coins, our CORE office put together a well attended internship fair and Mr. Amos engaged our students in meaningful and in depth classroom debates. The great work in the past 2 weeks culminated in our first Town Hall of the year which was successful in delivering important information while simultaneously entertaining our community (Those staff photos were priceless, lol). As we transition into our third week, the Sped/Exceptional Ed Dept will be launching the first of a monthly series entitled “RADICAL THINKERS” (see details below).

However, sustaining an audience is hard! I encourage us all to think about ways to remain consistent in the work we do (it’s a long school year). Whether that be refining our organizational systems, challenging ourselves & students in the classroom or carving out time to rest and decompress to ensure we come to school everyday as our best selves. The three C’s of customer satisfaction is Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! How can we make sure that we are consistent in the work we do for our community? I believe it starts with one of our R.I.C.H values, COURAGE!

Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.

- Maya Angelou  -

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Radical Thinkers: Outside of room 311, the SPED/Exceptional Ed. departments are now featuring Radical Thinkers, and their different abilities. Each month will include a different focused group of thinkers.

Ms. Clare and her Study Skills class created this month: Autism

Our department is asking for staff to look at the board and think about how you can start including our month to month boards in your classrooms.

Please come see us for questions and/or ideas about how to include radical thinkers/thinking in your classroom.


Add/Drop Deadline for all students is September 7.

  1. Schedule changes for 9th-12th graders start this week!

  2. Please send your student with their transcript analysis. We will not do schedule changes unless student has transcript analysis done!

Poetry for the People Announcements and CANVAS INSTRUCTIONS

As a reminder, please login to Canvas this weekend to make sure you know how to do it and to post your response to the Discussion Question below. Thank you Clyde and Blas for doing it!! Your thoughts were really interesting to read! And some of your poetry that you shared!!

Use the Discussion 1: Introduction forum to introduce yourself and your own comments about  "Why Poetry" and "Why June Jordan?"

In your introduction, answer at least 4 of the following questions:  What do you hope to gain or learn from this work this semester?, What struck you in the documentary we watched last week, A Place of Rage? Why study or read or write about June Jordan? Do you think poetry can act as a sanctuary? Why or why not?   What frustrates you about poetry (if anything), Who are your favorite poets? (If you wish, include a link to a u-tube or a copy of line of your favorite poem).

Instructions for Canvas:

1. Go to CCSF.edu

2. Click on "MyCCSF" in the top right corner

3. Scroll down and go to "LOGIN TO CANVAS"

4. Your username is your Student ID: (Begins with a "W" or a "@" sign)

5. Then click on "NEW USER" (red button on the far right).

6. You will be prompted for a new password (using your student ID, your last name, and your birthdate).

7. Once you are finished, you can go back to the "Login to Canvas" page and put in your password and login

Instructions to Claim your RAM student ID and login to Canvas

*Jessica has most of your CCSF student IDs if you need to know what it is, please let me know!

Extended Day Program

- We will be serving supper everyday at the top of the stairs

-The EDP space will be open everyday until 6pm

-Clubs starts this week!

-If you have any students in your classroom after 3:15 or during lunch, please email their names to edp@jjse.org. Thank you!

Start of School Information and Links

School Programming:

Classroom Set-Up Information:

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