8/27-8/31 Week 2 Blast for Educators

Resistance and Struggle are Sisters

Last week in our first Poetry for the People and June Jordan PD, we collectively watched A Place of Rage  (Parmar, 1992). In this documentary, Angela Davis talks of the need for “a collective identity for women of color, one that is neither divisive nor separatist. We do have the right to define an autonomous space for ourselves as women of color when it is necessary.” I would like to honor a woman of color who created such a space, where liberation, freedom and sisterhood are protected. The community has recently lost an incredibly important figure in Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon. Here is her story and a description of her life’s work. Here is a video (go to 2:00) of Dr. Mabalon and Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales performing their co-written poem, Resistance and Struggle are Sisters (1995), demonstrating that same spirit seen in A Place of Rage.


“It is my hope that the love, respect, and commitment we feel for our historic community runs deeper than anything that can divide us. Little Manila will always be in our hearts.”

-Dawn Bohulano Mabalon

August 17, 1972 - August 10, 2018

Electives are starting Monday!!

The current class lists for 6th period and 7th period were sent out via email. This may change over the next week but students may not switch themselves out of their class the first week and they may not use the switch form. Every student received one of their choices. We have about 15 students who have not been placed yet and all classes will be capped at 25 (soccer elective may be halved into two groups...). I'll follow up with you Jose!

These lists are already in Synergy and New Schedules will be placed in your boxes on Monday -  and make sure your students know they are going to 6th period!. Class lists will also be posted at the front of the school by lunch time.

Remember 6th period is Monday/Friday, 7th period is Tues/Thur.

Schedules Changes and Students without schedules:

  1. Add/Drop Deadline for all students is September 7.

  2. Schedule changes for 9th-12th graders start this week!

  3. Please send your student with their transcript analysis. We will not do schedule changes unless student has transcript analysis done!

Keys and Security of Classrooms and Spaces:

Everyone should have a DC2 key to the office spaces and bathrooms and their classroom. As a precaution (as always) please do not leave valuables or large sums of money in your classroom not locked up or unsecured. Never leave your cell phone or laptops laying around your classroom. Do not allow students to stay in any room unsupervised. As annoying as it is, if you leave a room, students will need to leave and find another space.

Extended Day Program

- We will be serving supper everyday at the top of the stairs

-The EDP space will be open everyday until 6pm

-Clubs starts this week!

-If you have any students in your classroom after 3:15 or during lunch, please email their names to edp@jjse.org. Thank you!

Start of School Information and Links

School Programming:

Classroom Set-Up Information:

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