5/6-5/10 Week 35 Blast for Educators

I want to thank all the staff, especially the 10th and 12th grade teams for working so hard and diligently to prepare our students for their committees last week. As we continue to engage in praxis about our work, there are so many bright spots and so many learnings we have captured through this process. This year, we will make sure to take time to gather information about these bright spots and learnings to that we may support students even more next year to accomplish the vision and rigor of the task of their Action Research Projects, whether in 10th or 12th grade. Have a great revision week everyone and please read below for the To Do’s for this week and the Intersession Planning Documents that are due.

Links Important for this week:

  • Weekly Announcements Link - Please update!

  • Performance Assessment Student Committee Schedule - CLICK HERE - *please update PASS/Re-Present data

  • Revision Week Schedule Monday May 6th - Monday May 13th - CLICK HERE

  • PROM Chaperone Sign Ups!

  • Intersession Planning Folder 2019 - please make sure that you have all the items in your folder related to your class.

    • Required:

      • Budget Sheet (In Excel or Word) ($900 for all classes and $1100 for overnights). Any other fundraising monies can be spent however you choose).

      • Field Trip Permission Form (With day-to-day schedule) - please update this and print out a new one for Monica if plans change during Intersession. It is imperative that we have the correct info in the folder.

    • Other: Driver Forms, Overnight District Forms, chaperones, other documents and itineraries.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 1.23.01 PM.png
*Move Up Townhall on Monday 5/13 - Each grade level prepares student speakers and a short video/picture montage.

*Move Up Townhall on Monday 5/13 - Each grade level prepares student speakers and a short video/picture montage.

Events and Important Dates for Spring 2019 -

**Please make sure you have the “Community” and “Staff” calendars as well as your grade level calendar. These dates are confirmed but if things move around, the Google Calendar is the best way to stay on top of events.


  • Revision Week: (5/6-5/10)

  • Senior Presentation week: minimum days (5/6-5/10)

  • Move Up Town Hall (5/7)

  • PROM (5/11)

  • End of spring grading period (5/13)

  • Senior Open House (5/13)

  • Intersession (5/14-5/31)

  • Exhibition Intersession (5/31)


  • GRADUATION (6/3)

  • Last Day of School (6/4) - Last Staff Meeting

Jessica Huang