2/4 - 2/8 Week 23 Blast for Educators

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Week 23 Blast for Educators

This weekend, my family celebrated the New Year. As always, my family and friends gather at my mom’s apartment and she cooks. She spends days preparing for this meal. It doesn’t matter how many people I invite, there’s always too much food. She doesn’t sit down to eat with the group until everyone has had their first plate. And if someone dares to say, “yum, this is so good!” - she will say something like, “oh no - I think I made it too salty this time”. This year is the year of the pig. This year is my mom and my oldest daughter’s year. If it’s your year, it’s not super lucky (surprisingly). You have to work extra hard during your year, so as not to take your blessings for granted. Pigs are loyal and show their love through action and not words. They are collaborative and also can be stubborn. These are totally why my mom and my daughter get along so well but also have started to disagree and fight, as my daughter enters her middle school years.

As we enter the weeks of the New Year and Black History Month, we strongly connect to our theme of our Youth Summit this year, “Love is Resistance”. I think about the love that sustains my work everyday. This is not a romantic love or a paternal love (my family does not throw around the word love lightly). This love is the energy that sustains us as humans with each other on the planet.  It’s what Dr. Martin Luther King describes as “agape”.

“The Meaning of Love” - from A Testament of Hope, The Essential Writings & Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.

In speaking of love at this point, we are not referring to some sentimental emotion. It would be nonsense to urge men to love their oppressors in an affectionate sense. “Love” in this connection means understanding good will. There are three words for love in Greek: “eros” - a romantic love, “philia” - a reciprocal love (a person loves because they are loved). The there is “agape” - an overflowing love which seeks nothing in return. When we love on the “agape” level, we love men not because we like them, not because their attitudes and ways appeals to us, but because God loves them. “

the method of nonviolence is based on the conviction that the universe is on the side of justice. It is this deep faith in the future that causes the nonviolent resister to accept suffering without retaliation… God grant that we wage the struggle with dignity and discipline. May all who suffer oppression in this world reject the self-defeating method of retaliatory violence and choose the method that seeks to redeem”.

I have a deep belief that the universe is on the side of justice. I also believe that acting with dignity and discipline in our everyday battles means more to our struggles and the legacy we will leave behind, than winning the large battles of oppression. It is through us, that the young people around us will learn what it means to love, to resist, and to act with the values of RICH in their lives.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Happy Year of the Pig! Birth Year: (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)


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Announcement from Debate Team:

At this tournament we welcomed our newest debater: Edgar Orozco.  He lit it up with an amazing speech about his dad's childhood and family history.  

Ashley lost her first round of the year and told the executive director of BAUDL "I Quit!" to which Shauntrice said "Ashley, if everyone you beat this year quit, there'd be no one left to debate!"  Don't worry, Ashley hasn't quit.

7th Place Novice Team:

Selinda and Edgar

6th Place Speaker:


Before I go further, I need to say that the JV and Varsity teams had to compete against each other... Thus, Ashley and Kathya's first JV tournament (they moved rapidly out of novice in only one semester) was also against varsity level teams.  So, it's just crazy, crazy, how well they did.  It might have something to do with Meili's coaching today.

Varsity/JV Speaker: (JV and Varsity competed together)

6th place speaker: Ashley

2nd place speaker: Kathya


5th place team: Kathya and Ashley
Wish them well on Monday... they notice that you notice..

Kathya with her trophy!

Kathya with her trophy!

Mr. Amsler and the debate team.

Mr. Amsler and the debate team.


Events and Important Dates for Spring 2019 -

**Please make sure you have the “Community” and “Staff” calendars as well as your grade level calendar. These dates are confirmed but if things move around, the Google Calendar is the best way to stay on top of events and dates.


  • Lunar New Year Holiday - No School (2/5)

  • CORE 9-12 Tours (2/8)

  • Spirit Week (2/11-2/15)

  • Youth Summit 9-12 (2/14)

  • End of Grading Period (2/15)

  • BSU Town Hall (2/19)

  • Presidents Day Holiday - No School (2/18)

  • Student Led Conferences (2/25-3/1)


  • School site planning summit (Saturday) (3/4)

  • 10th grade trip: Black Eagles (3/14)

  • CORE Symposium 9-12th (3/15)

  • SPRING BREAK (3/25-3/29)


  • Wellness Week (4/1-4/5)

  • GSA Day (4/3)

  • SBAC Testing: 10th/11th grades (4/15- 4/18)

  • Advisory Retreat: 9th-12th (4/19)

  • La Raza Town Hall (4/23)

  • Arts Showcase (4/30)


  • FRISCO Day - 12th grade (5/3)

  • Revision Week: minimum days (5/6-5/10)

  • Senior Presentation week: minimum days (5/6-5/10)

  • Move Up Town Hall (5/7)

  • PROM (5/11)

  • End of spring grading period (5/13)

  • Senior Open House (5/13)

  • Intersession (5/14-5/31)

  • Exhibition Intersession (5/31)


  • GRADUATION (6/3)

  • Last Day of School (6/4)

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