2/25 - 3/1 Week 26 Blast for Educators

As we start off our Spring Student-Led Conference Week, I wanted to instill the importance of this week in our student’s education. As we prepare our students’ to lead (anything) we have to do the work to support, structure, and guide them. Every student should be prepared to lead a conference and hold a conference. If you have a hard time reaching parents/guardians, please let your grade-level leads know and we can assist in scheduling calls. We have requested translators for the afternoons and Monica/Annabel are also available with lead-time to help with conferences. This image spoke to me when I saw it. Our students say many things to us. It is up to us to listen and to prepare realistic plans for their success based on their context and circumstances. Remember that as their advisor, you are a main ingredient to their success. You may not hold all the answers and resources, but you can allow the reaching out and access to happen. Again, please let us know if you need support this week. All the resources, schedules and worksheets are linked for advisors below. We have sent home messages to all families about student-led conferences.


Student-Led Conferences Resources:


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*SSC/Family Community Meeting Tuesday night 5:30pm-7:00pm

*SSC/Family Community Meeting Tuesday night 5:30pm-7:00pm

Events and Important Dates for Spring 2019 -

**Please make sure you have the “Community” and “Staff” calendars as well as your grade level calendar. These dates are confirmed but if things move around, the Google Calendar is the best way to stay on top of events and dates.


  • School site planning summit (Saturday) (3/2)

  • 10th grade trip: Black Eagles (3/14)

  • CORE Symposium 9-12th (3/15)

  • SPRING BREAK (3/25-3/29)


  • Wellness Week (4/1-4/5)

  • GSA Day (4/3)

  • SBAC Testing: 10th/11th grades (4/15- 4/18)

  • Advisory Retreat: 9th-12th (4/19)

  • La Raza Town Hall (4/23)

  • Arts Showcase (4/30)


  • FRISCO Day - 12th grade (5/3)

  • Revision Week: minimum days (5/6-5/10)

  • Senior Presentation week: minimum days (5/6-5/10)

  • Move Up Town Hall (5/7)

  • PROM (5/11)

  • End of spring grading period (5/13)

  • Senior Open House (5/13)

  • Intersession (5/14-5/31)

  • Exhibition Intersession (5/31)


  • GRADUATION (6/3)

  • Last Day of School (6/4)

Jessica Huang