1/21-1/25 Week 21 Blast for Educators

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10th Grade Career Awareness Trip - This Wednesday

Logistics for 10th Grade Career Awareness trip here!

Scheduling Update

We have received some feedback from teachers that some of the student class-switches have created unbalanced classes. We will work to balance these classes out the best we can this week. Please let Nichalous and Carol know any impact on your classes. Elective class lists should be confirmed by this Friday. We will be asking you to follow up with advisees this week who still have not chosen their elective classes. Thanks for your patience!

Events and Important Dates for Spring 2019

**Please make sure you have the “Community” and “Staff” calendars as well as your grade level calendar. These dates are confirmed but if things move around, the Google Calendar is the best way to stay on top of events and dates.


  • MLK Holiday - No School (1/21)

  • 10th Grade Career Awareness (1/23) - 10th Grade class out 2nd and 3rd period


  • Lunar New Year Holiday - No School (2/5)

  • CORE 9-12 Tours (2/8) - No classes

  • Spirit Week (2/11-2/15)

  • Youth Summit 9-12 (2/14) - No classes

  • End of Grading Period (2/15)

  • BSU Town Hall during Advisory (2/19)

  • Presidents Day Holiday - No School (2/21)

  • Student Led Conferences - Special Schedule (2/25-3/1)


  • School site planning summit (Saturday) (3/4)

  • 10th grade trip: Black Eagles (3/14) - 10th Grade Class out

  • CORE Symposium 9-12th during Advisory (3/15)

  • SPRING BREAK (3/25-3/29)


  • Wellness Week (4/1-4/5)

    • Youth Speaks Townhall April 2nd during Advisory

  • GSA Day (4/3)

  • SBAC Testing: 10th/11th grades - no classes (4/15- 4/18)

  • Advisory Retreat: 9th-12th - no classes (4/19)

  • La Raza Town Hall during Advisory (4/23)

  • Arts Showcase during Advisory (4/30)


  • FRISCO Day - 12th grade (5/3)

  • Senior Presentation/Revision Week: minimum days special schedule (5/6-5/10)

  • Move Up Town Hall during Advisory (5/7)

  • PROM (5/11)

  • End of spring grading period (5/13)

  • Senior Open House (5/13)

  • Intersession (5/14-5/31)

  • Exhibition Intersession (5/31)


  • GRADUATION (6/3)

  • Last Day of School (6/4)

Important Announcements

Grade Team Attendance Phone Calls

  1. Review the weekly attendance spreadsheet during grade team meetings for the week of 1/14-1/18

  2. Please make calls to your advisees that have misses 2 or more periods within that week

  3. Remember to update the spreadsheet with the results of your outreach


Contractors will begin demolition of the asphalt behind the basketball courts on  1/23/19. They will bring in heavy equipment to the site and through the basketball court early in the morning. The construction crew will remain in the construction site (within the fenced area) the entire time during school hours but will have to occasionally bring in or take out materials.

CORE Tours

Friday, February 8 - no classes

9th Grade - UC Davis/Sac State

10th Grade -  Stanford Anatomy Lab and Black House / OR Health Program SJSU / OR UC Berkeley

11th Grade/12th Grade choice  - St.Mary’s and UC Merced (choice)

Exceptional Ed - Access at the Arc

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We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Rubie Macaraeg