12/3-12/7 Week 16 Blast for Educators

I spent this weekend reflecting on decisions I make as a father and wondering if the choices I make in particular moments are effective at attaining the result I hope for. To me, this process is relevant in the work I do everyday with students. Constantly reflecting on my work and experiences with students and wondering if I am  supporting them in the most effective ways to encourage their personal and educational growth. As I think of the intersection of being an educator and a father, there is something James Baldwin said that resonates with me and I think is important to consider as I calibrate my approach to the work I do.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”  -James Baldwin-

Gratitude Day has been rescheduled for Thursday December 13th. I am excited for the opportunity to share an opportunity to build community with staff and students collectively! Please see Erin Hughes to sign up food contributions.  Also, we have installed a water filtration system in the staff lounge as an appreciation to all of you. Also, this week everyone will have the opportunity to get new laptops!

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Jessica Huang