12/17 - 12/21 Week 18 Blast for Educators

It’s Revision Week!

Here is the schedule for the week!

Here are copies of the check out forms:

9th Check Out Sheet for students

10-12th Check Out Sheet for students

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Fall Semester Grading Guidelines:

  1. Please give an A, B, C or F grade for each student in your class. We have a no “D” policy.

  2. Give a grade for BOTH the Quarter Grade and Semester Grade.

  3. The Quarter Grade cannot be an “I” for Incomplete, if a student has an extenuating circumstance (travel, health, etc), they should get a grade for the Quarter and an “I” for the Semester. Please only give “I”’s to students after consultation with Ms. Huang/Mr. Archibald.

  4. Only give N/A to students who should not have been scheduled for your class in the first place. Students who are absent or do not attend, but should attend, should receive “F” grades.

  5. For seniors who are graduating and are on the border of a D/F, please consult their advisor and Ms. Huang/Mr. Archibald.


Spring Semester Electives

  1. Presentations for students to choose their spring electives will be conducted throughout the week during classes prior to lunch (2nd, 5th & 1st).

  2. A follow up email will be sent with further details.


Social Justice: Create Compelling Integrated Arts Pathways: See Mr. Heymann for more info.

When:  4-6pm, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Where:  Independence High School first floor cafeteria, 1350 7th Avenue (between Irving and Judah Streets).  Enter the parking lot on 6th Avenue

How can teachers create a safe space for learners to share their experiences and responses and then translate their feelings into creative expression?  Using guided questions and discussion, participants will brainstorm how to open the conversation about social justice and free speech issues, and how to create a safe space for learners to share their experiences and artistic responses, among other topics. 


We are the ones we have been waiting for.

June Jordan

Rubie Macaraeg