12/10 - 12/14 Week 17 Blast for Educators

Good evening everyone! As we enter the week before Revision Week: (Next Week’s Schedule Here), let’s remember why we do this work, because we believe in the young people we work with, we believe in positive change, in them and in our communities, even if the evidence isn’t in front of us every day. Let’s remember that as a team and a school, we can come together to believe in the impossible if we can remember to also believe in ourselves! Have a great week! Let’s end the Fall semester strong!

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Artwork @ 6th and Howard St.

Artwork @ 6th and Howard St.

See P4P project outline questions below. The due date is 12/12 (this Wednesday). Please answer these questions in your proposal right up and bring two copies to class next Wednesday. This is your "Exit Ticket" from the last staff meeting. The last Wednesday (12/19) will be reserved for folks who need more support/consultation in what their project could be for the spring semester. The entire assignment is here with the list of themes and guest speakers. If you need more resources or suggested readings, you can write that into the proposal.

Guidelines for Project Proposal, Please bring two printed copies to meeting on Wednesday

Due Dec.  12, 2018

1.Choose the work or works by June Jordan that will anchor your work.  Choose three quotations from this work that you find significant.

2.Give a brief explanation of why the writings you have chosen move you and why you would build from it in your project.

3. Describe the purpose of your project.  What challenges does it address? What successes does it amplify?

4. Decide on a specific audience for the project you have chosen. Explain why you have chosen this group.

5. Consider the different methods you could use to implement your project effectively.

6. Describe in as detailed a way as possible the medium or media you will use. Will your approach be visual, oral, or  a combination of both? Will the vehicle you suggest be permanent or temporary? Is this beginning of a larger project? How can you document the project so that it can provide a resource for others?

7. How many people need to work on this project in order for it to be implemented the end of the Spring 2019  semester. Any guest speakers or colleagues you might include to extend the beloved community?. Describe the various roles each will need to take to complete the project.

8. What resources do you need.  How can the school community support you?

9. Put together a definitive timeline you can follow.

10. How will you measure the success of the project?



P4P Project Outline due Wed 12/12 - Assignment description here

Thursday 12/13 Gratitude Day: Alternative Schedule Here

Potluck Sign Up and Roles Here for Friday 4:00 - 7:00pm @ CCSF

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*please talk to Jessica/Nichalous if you have a hardship. We hope that we see everyone there to share in this important community gathering


Social Justice: Create Compelling Integrated Arts Pathways: See Mr. Heymann for more info.

When:  4-6pm, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Where:  Independence High School first floor cafeteria, 1350 7th Avenue (between Irving and Judah Streets).  Enter the parking lot on 6th Avenue

How can teachers create a safe space for learners to share their experiences and responses and then translate their feelings into creative expression?  Using guided questions and discussion, participants will brainstorm how to open the conversation about social justice and free speech issues, and how to create a safe space for learners to share their experiences and artistic responses, among other topics. 

Link to Register: https://goo.gl/forms/YtZW7iJAHYuJApLf2

Jessica Huang