11/13-11/16 Week 14 Blast for Educators

Week 14 Blast 11/13-11/16

A note about Gratitude: Gratitude is not just about being thankful for the good things in your life, but it is about being thankful for everything in your life. There are things in your life which might initially seem bad, but upon further reflection actually, give you an opportunity to learn and grow. Part of gratitude is recognizing these blessings in all things.

Ode to Thanks, by Pablo Neruda

Thanks to the word that says thanks

Thanks to thanks,


that melts

iron and snow!

The world is a threatening place



makes the rounds

from one pair of lips to another,

soft as a bright


and sweet as a petal of sugar,

filling the mouth with its sound

or else a mumbled


Life becomes human again:

it’s no longer an open window.

A bit of brightness

strikes into the forest,

and we can sing again beneath the leaves.

Thanks, you’re the medicine we take

to save us from

the bite of scorn.

Your light brightens the altar of harshness.

Or maybe

a tapestry


to far distant peoples.


fan out

into the wilds,

and in the jungle

of strangers,


rings out

while the hustling train

changes countries,

sweeping away borders,

then spasibo

clinging to pointy

volcanoes, to fire and freezing cold,

or danke, yes! and gracias, and

the world turns into a table:

a single word has wiped it clean,

plates and glasses gleam,

silverware tinkles,

and the tablecloth is as broad as a plain.

Thank you, thanks,

for going out and returning,

for rising up

and settling down.

We know, thanks,

that you don’t fill every space-

you’re only a word-


where your little petal


the daggers of pride take cover,

and there’s a penny’s worth of smiles.

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Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day Turkey/Ham Cooking Volunteer List 18-19 - *Sign Up to cook a turkey/ham

Food Assignments

9th Grade: Appetizers (Kasmai, Reynoso, Sorro) & Desserts (Proctor, Zambrano, Warner)

10th Grade: Drinks (No Soda)

11th Grade: Vegetables

12th Grade: Sides (Rice, Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Bread, etc)

And, also… Please bring traditional foods from your culture that you love to share!

Poetry for the People Announcement:

Last week, we had a guest speaker, and also took time to work and journal about the projects we have been inspired to begin through June Jordan’s work. If you missed last week, please come ready with reading materials (all the readings and the June Jordan reader) to continue the work of brainstorming on a project you feel inspired to work on. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next staff meeting on Wednesday 11/14 at 2:15pm. The leadership team knows that we have sacrificed some whole staff time to do this study of June Jordan together as a community. I personally believe that without a sense of grounding of who we are and why we do this work, our work can dangerously become part of an oppressive system that we actively try to dismantle daily. If we take the long view, I can say with confidence that our time together has been well spent. We can only sustain our work in the long term if we do the work in community with each other. I have been inspired by each and every one of you in the last couple of weeks and look forward to a productive last four weeks weeks Lauren Muller.

Message from the Safety Team!

In an effort to lower the amount of students in the hallways, the safety team has identified students who frequently use the hallway pass (in multiple classes in one day). These students will be on pass restriction for one week (5 days). If they are able to stay out of the hallways and not use the pass (if there is an emergency for one of the students, please text the phone and someone will escort them to where they need to go), their privileges will be restored the next week when they bbuild the self-discipline to monitor their pass usage. The safety team has met with all these students and they have agreed and know about the plan. However, as with any bad habit, they need reminders and boundaries from you, the teacher. I will have slips in your boxes with the names of these students on Monday. Please put it somewhere to remind you if you teach one of these students.

  1. First time in the hallway with hall pass - student will be escorted back to class and safety team will remind teacher. (both teacher and student forgot)

  2. Second time in the hallway with hall pass - Call home to parent, notify parent of continued use and issue + lunch service with Monica.

  3. Third time in the hallway with hall pass - Students stays on the pass restriction list for the next week.

New List will be distributed 11/13 in the morning after the Safety Team Meeting:

Jessica Huang